We take business owners from technician to CEO
Synergy Success Network is for anyone serious about growing a business. It is for anyone that is struggling with direction concerning creating clients and either scaling or maintaining business growth.
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It's time to break out
Do you feel as though you are constantly making the same mistakes, are trapped in hopeless cycles or find yourself asking, “Why does this happen to me?”
Read Gethin’s inspiring story to discover how to harness your subconscious mind and stop being trapped by it. Available now on Amazon.
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Building Business,
Supporting Communities
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Want to scale your business?

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We are sharing our personal programs of success that have helped us build  seven figure business's and mindset shifts to develop, lead and teach teams to fulfil their full potential. 

We help small business owners manoeuvre themselves from the "Technician" to the "CEO" of the business !!


Business owners who have aspirations to scale their business and want to get strategic help and support from people that have succesfully done it , they want to mitigate the risk of costly set backs when scaling up and entering unkown territory which in turn will accelerate their growth.


Business owners that may have lost their way and feel like they have become stuck in a business that they have no time to develop and reach its growth potential .

What do we offer: 

strategic planning  - goal setting - financial education -leaderhip & management training - business coaching -mindset coaching - group accountabilty sessions - bespoke consultancy packages .

We are unique:

Our co-founders who have overcome extreme adversity's both personally & professionally and now own multiple successful business's, Through this experience they understand both the practical and personal challenges that can derail business owners from succesfully scaling their business and how to overcome these challenges.

Business Owners…

Feel like efforts to grow your business are getting you nowhere?

Wondering where your next pay packet is going to come from?
Tired of your business not growing and getting by, even if you are doing something that you love?
Sick of listening to podcasts, subscribing to gurus only to become more confused 

It’s time for a new approach…

Synergy Success Network is for you!


Synergy Success Network is an event and membership-based organisation, run by Mark Legg and Gethin Jones to help start-up and small businesses grow and scale.

Who is Synergy Success Network For?

Synergy success network is for anyone serious about growing a business. It is for anyone that is struggling with direction concerning creating clients and either scaling or maintaining business growth. It is also for you if you are;

  • An Action taker
  • Prepared to invest time and money in your business
  • Want to work in a focussed way to grow your business with intention

It is not for you if 

  • You are not serious about investing your time and money in the growth of your business
  • You are not ready to take constructive feedback 
  • You are not ready to work in a group format to help and support through accountability 
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Work with Synergy Success Network

Business Discovery Day

The Business Discovery Day will focus on The “WHY” you are in business, The “HOW” you develop and grow and the “WHAT” needs to happen next. SSN will present the ‘Think It – Say It – Do It’ Model that brings both purpose and structure.

Think it

  • The ‘WHY mission and purpose of what you do

  • The ‘HOW What is your endgame?

  • The ‘WHAT vision of what you want to deliver

Say it

  • To WHO – Your developing network

  • But WHY – To maintain growth

  • And HOW – Honestly and with conviction

Do it

  • Personalised Think it - Say it - Do it plan

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Action

This model will bring:

  • Self Awareness

  • Business knowledge

  • Financial freedom

90 Day Kick Start Program

Working with you and 10 other like-minded businesses that are highly driven, this programme will challenge you emotionally and professionally. You will become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Introduction Day

  • SSN will introduce you to the “Scrooge Development Programme”

  • SNN will demonstrate the “Think it - Say it - Do it Model”

  • We will use a personal assessment tool.

  • You will have a personalised plan.

Within 14 days

  • 121 – Coaching session linked to your plan

  • Post session an opportunity for you to upgrade to three personalised 121 sessions

Weekly Webinars

  • Coaching accountability session

Monthly meet (SSN HQ)

  • 1st Saturday of month two 9am – 3pm
  • Guest speakers in related to your group's needs i.e finance, marketing, branding etc


Join Synergy Success Network and start growing your business today

Want to find out more about how Synergy Success Network can help transform your business? Then book a FREE 30 minute diagnostic call with Mark or Gethin and kick start your business today.

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The 90-day plan I signed up to is designed to help you achieve your chosen goals, and this is done with guidance, tapping into both Gethin and Marks knowledge and the setting of clear objectives, and manageable goals.
Darron Barnes – Wickham Soap Company
It has made me realise you can achieve anything you want to.
Paul Wilkinson
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The Synergy Success Network is the idea of Mark Legg and Gethin Jones. They both have built their own successful companies and decided to form SSN to plug a gap that they see in the local market to help start-up and small businesses grow and scale. 

Using our unique and complementary skills, we will built an event and membership-based organisation to support the growth of new businesses in the areas of mindset, wealth creation, and practical advice. Mark and Gethin are high energy and fun to work with but don’t let the jokey exterior fool you, they are also entirely focused on your success.

About Gethin

Gethin is a natural leader and has a track record of supporting, motivating and developing teams to increase productivity.  He develops teams so they can make decisions that support both theirs and your futures.

Gethin now runs Gethin Jones “Unlocking Potential”  this is a social enterprise that delivers inspirational talks and training to Professionals within the Criminal Justice System, Local Authorities and Charities. 

Gethin worked in Local authorities and charities for 10 years. Gethin managed teams that supported some of the most vulnerable within society. In 2016 Gethin became disillusioned with austerity and realised there was more that he could do to help those most in need. 

Gethin delivers what is called a “Buy One Give One,” and this means that for every service bought he will deliver a free service to those most in need. Synergy Success Network will be directly linked to Gethin Jones “Unlocking PotentIal,” and a percentage of the profits will go into funding services within Gethin Jones “Unlocking PotentIal”What makes this even more impressive is when you hear where he had to come from to where he is now.

Gethin Jones was placed in the care system at age 11. The experience catapulted his life into a pattern of self-destruction and led to a 20-year relationship with the Criminal Justice System including spending 8 years in HM Prison and a dependency on drugs. At the age of 34, Gethin made the decision to change, and his life has undergone a complete transformation. 

Gethin will deliver practical, transferable skills programme that has led him from the Prison Cell to the Board Room.

About Mark

Mark Legg has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember, Even as a young child he would find ways to earn his own money, He left school at the age of 14 and started working full time with a local property maintenance business.

Mark completed a 2-year apprenticeship in painting & decorating when he was 16 and once finished he started a painting and decorating business from his bedroom at just 18 years of age. Fast forward 12 years and today Mark has multiple companies that create revenue streams generating over seven-figure sums annually. Mark owns and runs CDM contractors Ltd, which he founded in 2008 with a vision for growing and developing the organisation to become one of the leading construction service providers in the South of England. Mark has scaled the business through both organic growth and growth through acquisition of another Construction business in 2016.

CDM Contractors Ltd is now part of a construction Group (CDM Contractors Group Ltd) which is the parent company of four service businesses.

Mark also owns Leggacy Property Group – a property investment, property management and property development business that he co-founded with his wife, Chloe Legg. Leggacy Property Group Ltd have recently formed a joint venture with both Gethin and another local entrepreneur Paul Moody to form PMG Investments Group and have some exciting projects in the pipeline.

Mark will draw on his 12 years practical experience of forming new businesses, acquiring existing businesses, building teams, creating accredited management systems and growing his wealth through investing in multiple asset classes and work through these steps with his Network so they can also achieve success.

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There is a famous, old school saying...

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

The SSN Team have worked hard all week with the view to switch off the work minds this Bank Holiday weekend 🙏

We must all remember, in order for us to remain productive and energised in business, it is important to be present every once in a while and re-charge those batteries ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Wherever you are, what ever you are doing for the long last long weekend of May 2019, enjoy and reflect on what you are grateful for in life 🙌🙌🙌
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